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Lighting up Coventry University with Fumagalli

Coventry University has embarked on a massive 10 year, £160m refurbishment to become a state-of-the-art academic facility and has selected Click Scolmore lighting products as part of a focus to ensure the highest quality green energy provision.

By replacing the existing 28Watt 2D and 70Watt SON external light fittings with Click Scolmore’s Fumagalli LED bulkheads for the building’s external lighting, the university will be able to pay back the initial outlay in less than five years because of the reduced energy bills providing an 80% cost saving as well as reducing its carbon footprint.

The ‘Lucia’ Backlit LED Bulkhead Lamp was chosen as the lighting solution for three of the University’s buildings including the Jaguar Building. Part of Click Scolmore’s growing Fumagalli Outdoor Lighting range, the Lucia is a modern bulkhead that offers a lifetime guarantee against corrosion and 50,000 hours
lamp life.

Click Scolmore’s Fumagalli range consists of high quality lighting products that provide the ultimate ‘fix and forget’ solution to a host of outdoor lighting installations, from leisure complexes and shopping arcades to public parks and seaside promenades. A unique resin formulation used in all Fumagalli products means they are virtually maintenance free.

“Key to the decision to go for the Lucia backlit LED is the fact that it consumes just 11 watts of low energy power - as opposed to the 70 watts consumed by the original SON lights. The fact that the fittings were available off the shelf, were quick and easy to install and were very competitively priced made my decision an easy one. Other benefits include the Lucia’s contemporary styling, rust- and corrosion-free guarantee and IP66 weatherproof rating. The range also has three backlit colours to choose from and we went for the green option on the Jaguar Building to tie in with the green that features on the fascias, doors and window frames, and that added to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The bulkheads tick all the boxes - they provide a low energy lighting solution which enables the University to achieve significant cost savings, not just in terms of the reduced energy output but the fact that these fittings will require very little, if any, maintenance. On top of that we have helped them to enhance the security aspect of the campus with smarter, more modern lighting.”

Manufactured in a modern state-of-the-art production facility in Northern Italy, all Fumagalli lighting products are made using only the highest quality raw materials and components. From contemporary to classic designs, simple lanterns to the latest LED bollards, they all have one thing in common - a unique resin formulation that offers a lifetime guarantee against corrosion.