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Interchangeable Plates and Modules

MINIGRID™ modules are fitted as standard into our moulded CLICK®, POLAR™ & MODE®, decorative DEFINITY™, DEFINE® & DECO® and Metal Clad ranges. The MINIGRID™ modules are all easily and quickly exchanged or mounted onto unfurnished plates by means of a simple single screw fixing.

This section serves to introduce the extended range of CLICK MINIGRID mounting plates and modules. All of these new items are comprehensively illustrated throughout the following pages. Since the launch of the moulded CLICK and POLAR accessory ranges the modular switch arrangement standard in both products has proved to be a highly valued facility amongst designers and installers alike.

Simple, single screw installation of the modules on the mounting plates has encouraged contractors to devise and install customised switching solutions on-site. The fully interchangeable MINIGRID modules are fitted as standard into our moulded CLICK, POLAR & MODE, decorative DEFINE, DECO & DEFINITY and Metal Clad ranges.