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Chosen for state of the art university facility

The University of Bristol has invested nearly £4million to provide a state of the art lecture theatre complex for its students, and wiring accessory products have been installed throughout the new facility.

Switches, sockets and spurs from ourPart M collection have been installed in conjunction with products from the Essentials collection of Metal Clad wiring accessories in the new 450-seat lecture theatre – which provides an individual power supply for each student - as well as in the foyers and the seminar rooms which make up the new complex at the Priory Road site.  

Mode Part M products were chosen to meet the regulatory requirements, while at the same time offering a high standard of design and flexibility. With all wall-mounted switches and sockets now required to be positioned at a certain height and therefore much more visible, the overall aesthetic appearance has become increasingly important. 

The choice of wiring accessories from the company’s comprehensive metal clad collection has ensured that the products installed offer a durable and long lasting finish. All switch products are of modular construction which allows total freedom in designing customised switching solutions according to on-site needs. All socket outlets and spurs are tested and approved to BS1363.