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Pioneering eco houses with zero energy bills

Revolutionary homes that would allow tenants to avoid energy bills are being pioneered in Northumberland by leading architects Space Group.  The Newcastle-based architecture and technology business worked with Arch Homes to design and build four homes in Blyth which will provide its residents with sustainable homes that cost nothing extra to heat and power.

The Swedish-style homes – called Spacehus houses - comply with ‘zero carbon’ standards, and will be let to tenants on the basis of no additional energy bills, with the houses/minimal heat and power demands offset by renewable energy technologies and included within residents’ monthly rent.

Scolmore Group is part of this leading edge project, with its innovative and energy saving Inceptor Max Integrated LED Downlights, as well as its Mode wiring accessories products being installed throughout the development as standard specification. 

Since it was launched as one of the first integrated LED downlights, Scolmore’s Inceptor Max has been the preferred lighting solution choice of specifiers and contractors across a whole spectrum of projects.  Inceptor is a fire-rated, integrated LED downlight with a high-powered, compact, pre-wired driver and flow connector. The compact size of the ‘flippable’ driver means it can be fitted into a very shallow recess depth of just 61mm – making it one of the most flexible fittings currently available.   It features Scolmore’s popular Flow Connectors which make it quick and easy to install as well as to remove and replace for the purpose of circuit testing and for retrofits.  The pivoting, anchored Flow connector allows the freedom of movement normally associated with a cable, but with the rigidity of a solid component.  Its unique open-backed design means there is improved air flow to the heat sink, allowing for cooler running temperatures and a longer lifetime for the luminaire.

IP65 rated, Inceptor Max incorporates Scolmore’s award-winning FlameGuard® system technology, offers a 90-minute fire rating and is acoustic and airflow compliant. The company’s trademark blue strip of intumescent adds an extra barrier of protection against fire by expanding to fill the gap between plasterboard and light fitting. 

It comes with the assurance of a ten year warranty for domestic use and five years for commercial applications.

Also selected from the Scolmore portfolio of products was Mode - a stylish, contemporary and flexible range of smooth profile wiring accessories, with clean, modern lines, which make it perfect for modern applications.  The modular design of Mode gives designers and installers unprecedented flexibility in creating dedicated wiring solutions that meet specific wiring needs.

Contractor, Michael Bamling, of Total Electrical Solutions, was responsible for installing Scolmore’s lighting and wiring accessory products for this project and had this to say: “We find the quality and range of products offered by Scolmore second to none. The Inceptor LED Downlights are a joy to fit and the light output is fantastic.

This Spacehus project shows the need for high spec, low maintenance and Scolmore ticks every box. With Scolmore we now have a solution to fit all of our clients’ needs.”

The four homes are a pilot project commissioned by Arch, the Northumberland Development Company following research which showed 77,000 North East families have experienced energy debt.  The aim is take this low waste, zero energy and zero bills building approach model and roll it out across the UK.